Welcome (Back) To Biscuit Land!

At the end of last month we saw our book WELCOME TO BISCUIT LAND featured in The Daily Mail (read our blog post about it) in a fantastic two-page spread prior to publication.

The book has now been featured in The Observer yesterday (Sunday 14th) – this time it was given four pages in the magazine, but if you missed it you can read the extract online here. The book is out now, and you can find it in most Waterstones stores, as well as online – Amazon, The Book Depository, and in e-book format for Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and more.

To celebrate the publication of WELCOME TO BISCUIT LAND, author Jessica Thom held a launch party on Friday evening, which was a roaring success. The book has also been reviewed in Ham & High:

“It was a joy and an eye-opener then, to read Jessica Thom’s new book, ‘Welcome to Biscuit Land’.”

With rave reviews also coming in from customers on Amazon (at time of posting there are five reviews on the site – all five stars), it is clear that WELCOME TO BISCUIT LAND is touching the hearts of everyone who reads it.

You can also like the book on Facebook, and read an interview that Jessica did with Disability Now. Welcome to Biscuit Land, everybody!

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