Are you a FitMama?

Last month saw the publication of THE FITMAMA METHOD by Marie Behenna.

As everyone knows, pregnancy is tough on a woman’s body. Muscles, joints, organs… It turns out that growing a person is hard work! And this is where Marie Behenna comes in. A specialist in ante- and post-natal fitness, she has recently opened her own FitMama Studio in Basingstoke, running classes for mums-to-be and mums with babies.

THE FITMAMA METHOD is a complete guide to confidence and fitness through pregnancy and birth. It covers safe exercises for pregnancy designed to build stamina and fitness – two crucial elements for when it comes to giving birth. It even covers breathing techniques for labour, and a section on how partners can best help during the birth. After delivery, the book looks at gentle exercises designed to help women repair the core damage done during pregnancy and birth, making this the ideal book for a fit and healthy pregnancy, and beyond.

It has been named Prima Baby’s book of the month for November 2012, has a rave review in the November issue of Women’s Fitness magazine, and has no fewer than twelve (twelve!) five-star reviews on Amazon. Pregnancy fitness? No problem.

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