Better than Bond?

Here in the UK, cinemas are buzzing following the release of the latest James Bond movie. And so they should be. After fifty years on screen, Ian Fleming’s creation is still going strong… but he’s not the only one.

Modesty Blaise, a character originally created by Peter O’Donnell for a strip cartoon, features in 13 books, all published by Souvenir Press. The first Modesty Blaise novel was published in the 1960s, featuring a hard-hitting heroine with a murky past, and her trusty sidekick, Willie Garvin. We reckon they could give Bond a run for his money in a fight!

The Modesty Blaise novels were described by Tribune as “better than James Bond, and funnier”, and The Times reckons the books are “the best escapist thrillers ever written”. High praise indeed!

For more information on all 13 Modesty Blaise titles, take a look at the Souvenir Press website.

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