More Praise for the Piano

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE PIANO is one of Souvenir Press’s new titles this autumn. It received rave reviews from the three leading classical music magazines in the UK, but the good news hasn’t stopped there. This is something special for music lovers and pianists everywhere.

From the Irish Times:

“A new history of the piano and pianists from Mozart to Jerry Lee Lewis makes entertaining reading… cast(s) fascinating lights on the origin of the instrument and on what might be called the social history of the piano.”

From Pianist magazine:

“Isacoff offers a history and appreciation of the ‘wondrous box’ and its players. He beefs up his tale with plenty of anecdotes and surprising facts… A diverting gift for piano lovers.”

Two classical music bloggers have also shared their thoughts beautiful book, quoted here but you can read the reviews in full via the links provided:

“Isacoff is adept at weaving in useful, odd and amusing facts. He rarely goes at a subject straight but wanders around seducing with yet more unusual information… Illuminating and highly readable… Generously and helpfully illustrated.” – Planet Hugill blog

“The gathering together here of so much information is an achievement in itself but to place the material in such an informative and entertaining narrative will make all lovers of the piano and, indeed, lovers of music want this book.” – The Classical Reviewer blog

So if you’re stuck for a festive gift for a music-lover in your life, A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE PIANO comes highly recommended.


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