2012 at Souvenir Press: A Recap

It’s been a busy year here at Souvenir Press, and as 2012 draws to a close it’s time to take a look at some of the highlights from this fantastic year.

First and foremost: our books. 2012 has been a great year for new titles at Souvenir Press. True to form, it’s an ecclectic mix of titles to make you laugh, make you think, to educate and inspire.

Secondly, staff changes. Yes, it’s been a busy year. In the summer we said goodbye to Amy, who had been PA to Ernest Hecht for a couple of years – she’s moved back to Australia. In October we welcomed back Nikki, receptionist/office manager who had been off on maternity leave for twelve months, which meant a new role for me (and the company): online marketing assistant. All change!

Third, and this is ongoing as we speak: we went Modesty Blaise crazy. Often described as “the female James Bond” it seems apt that with the new Bond movie out, Modesty had her chance, too. This week Radio 4 are serialising A TASTE FOR DEATH starring Daphne Alexander as Modesty Blaise. Think Bond, but better.

Our fourth highlight has to be The Book by Alan Watts. Chosen by John Lloyd on ‘Desert Island Discs’, and lauded as “the best book I’ve ever read on the nature of what actually is, what the world is about, and how you should behave”, this backlist title has to be one of our biggest sellers of 2012. So big, in fact, that we have had to reprint for the second time since November! Definitely a highlight!

Fifth: Stephen Fry. Yes, that Stephen Fry. Having worked with Jessica Thom on his TV show ‘Planet Word’, we were delighted when he provided the foreword to WELCOME TO BISCUIT LAND, and very excited when he mentioned the book to his millions of followers on Twitter on the day of publication.

And finally? All of you. All of our authors, all of our readers, who have played a part in making 2012 a very special year for us at Souvenir Press. Roll on 2013!


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