The Hangover Companion

With the weekend fast approaching, the chances are that most of us are looking forward to having a drink or two, perhaps Friday night, perhaps Saturday night…

But what you won’t be looking forward to is what comes after. The dreaded hangover.

But fear not, my friends! THE WRATH OF GRAPES by Andy Toper is your essential guide to dodging the hangover bullet, allowing you to look smugly at those still suffering by mid-afternoon the following day. “Hangover?” you’ll say, as though the thought had never even crossed your mind. “No, I’ve been feeling fine all day!”

So whether you want to cure your hangover by eating a mixture of raw eels and bitter almonds (a 16th century cure which, remarkably, seemed to have some success), or you want to avoid one altogether, in which case the Outer Mongolia method of drinking tomato juice with a pickled sheep’s eye may be more up your street, THE WRATH OF GRAPES contains a wealth of facts on hangovers, and how to avoid them.

And in with the funny and bizarre historical cures from around the world, you’ll find a great deal of useful information, too. Find out why we get hangovers, how to avoid them, what you can do to cure them, and a sneaky chapter on what to drink if you favour the ‘hair of the dog’ approach. Which, coincidentally, originated in Roman times and involved actual dog hair. But not for hangovers.

And if you want to test your new-found knowledge, take a look at THE MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF WINE DRINKING, the ebook edition of YOUR GOOD HEALTH (pictured below), while you’re at it. Discover how drinking wine (in moderation, of course) could, in fact, leave you healthier than if you didn’t.

medicinal wine

wrath grapes

(Note: Souvenir Press recommends drinking sensibly. And don’t drink and drive, folks. That’s not cool.)


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