First chapter freebies!

Good morning, and happy Monday, all.

To ease you into another working week (complete with freezing temperatures and lots of snow forecast), we’ve got a nice little freebie for you. Perhaps something to read on your lunch break, or on your way home.

You can now read the first chapter of MUTANT 59 for free; all you have to do is tweet about it.

To download a free sample chapter of MUTANT 59, click here and follow the instructions.

MUTANT 59 is a sci-fi classic by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, the two men who created Doctor Who’s metallic nemesis, the Cybermen.  The book imagines one of the most terrifying tragedies that modern science could create, a chilling and topical story of what happens when scientific research goes wrong and spreads terror through London (and endangers the world). When an airplane crashes the Ministry of Transport investigates. What caused it to fall out of the sky and could it happen again? Slowly they discover that science has unleashed a genetically engineered bacteria that feeds on (and destroys) all plastic materials. No-one takes any notice of the material used to build gas pipes, electrical insulation, cars and planes until it begins to disintegrate and explode…

Look around you – just a quick glance. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Plastic, everywhere you look. If you take a minute to imagine the world without it, that’s when things get frightening.

Enjoy your free chapter of MUTANT 59 – if enough people are interested, maybe you’ll see more free chapters from us at Souvenir Press in the future.

mutant 59


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