This Week in Review(s)

This week has seen a flurry of reviews come in for a selection of Souvenir titles. Below you will find extracts of four great reviews, and the links to the full versions, for four very different titles – as if you needed reminding of the fantastic eclectic mix of titles available from us at Souvenir Press.

Better than Great – Arthur Plotnik

“Better Than Great is a bravura, ingeniously inventive, roaringly intelligent thesaurus of praise and acclaim… Where has this paean-worthy, distressingly excellent book, which certainly goes the whole hog, been all my life?” – YA Yeah Yeah blog

Bum Fodder – Richard Smyth

“Written with a real sense of fun, this is a book to delight anyone with a sense of humour, an inquiring mind and a reasonably strong stomach…  it has certainly been a smash hit in our house, where it has been perused by readers aged  from  49 to 14.” – The Garden Window blog

Through A Dog’s Eyes – Jennifer Arnold

Five out of five stars. “This is an enlightening read, and after finishing this book, I felt I looked at my dog in a new way and I have definitely learned a lot about dog behaviour… This book is a fascinating, informative and worthwhile read for any dog owner.” – The Little Reader Library (on GoodReads, soon to appear on her blog)

Why Does My Rabbit – Anne McBride

“I would recommend every rabbit owner have a read of this book!” – The Rabbit House

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