Brain Games for Your Child

One of our backlist titles here at Souvenir Press, Brain Games For Your Child by Robert Fisher, has been newly published as an e-book. To celebrate, we sent copies of this book to a selection of top parenting bloggers to see what they, and their children, thought. Brain Games For Your Child is a fun resource containing over 200 games suitable for children from age 0 to 10, making it perfect for parents with children of different ages, and meaning that as your child grows you will dip into it again and again.

With half our reviews now in, now is your chance to see what three of the UK’s top parent bloggers (according to Tots100) have said about Brain Games For Your Child.

From TheBoyAndMe:

“As a teacher, I’m only too aware of the need to develop problem-solving and thinking skills in children… ‘Brain Games for Your Child’ provides over two hundred games to help children build their thinking, number, language and social skills. There are games that focus on music and art, treasure hunts, card games, word and number battles that are games to be played by all the family… I would recommend investing in this book because it’s become a little bit of a Bible for activities in our house, and will last for years!” Read the review in full.

From CatsYellowDays, who is also offering the chance to win a copy of this book on her blog (ends 1st April):

“One of the great things about having kids is watching them learn from every little thing they do but that does mean that parents can sometimes feel the pressure to come up with new and interesting activities to help them develop all those important skills…  ‘Brain Games for Your Child’… can help us all with that… I particularly like that some of the games that you may have played before, like I spy for example, have been further developed to give you new ways of using it, like ‘purpose-spy’ (I spy something that we eat/wear/play with…) or ‘rhyming-spy’ (I spy something that rhymes with…) that I wouldn’t have thought of.” Read the review in full.

From DorkyMum:

“It’s great for dipping into on a rainy day to find some new ideas for ways to engage with your child and occupy them without having to turn the house upside down!” Read the review in full.

Previously praised by online parenting communities Parents In Touch and Games for Your Child is a clear favourite with parents and children alike.

Brain Games cover

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