Happy St. George’s Day!

What better time to celebrate all things English, whether you’re going to watch some dragon slaying (re-enactments are happening all across the country, according to this list of events on the Visit England website), going to a parade, or flying the flag with pride.

Here at Souvenir Press, we’re celebrating in our own way. Terribly English by Rupert Besley is the perfect guide to all of England’s peculiar quirks and eccentricities, and everything that makes England so wonderfully, um, unique. From cricket and Shakespeare, to our fascination with the weather, here’s your chance to explore with a county-by-county guide to England’s best bits.

Packed with cartoons, this is the perfect gift for baffled visitor or the curious native, Terribly English celebrates England at it’s most… English.

Take a look at the short extract below, taken from Rupert Besley’s Terribly English (published 2012 by Souvenir Press):

The Ten Commandments in English

  1. Thou shalt underplay things generally
  2. Thou shalt not leave thy chariot in thy neighbour’s parking spot
  3. Thou shalt pretend to get the joke even when thou doesn’t
  4. Thou shalt have a different sauce to hide the taste of every dish thou tasteth
  5. If thou seeeth a queue, thou shalt join it – at the right end
  6. Thou shalt have appalling dress sense
  7. Thou shalt mock thy betters
  8. Thou shalt spend thy senior years looking out to sea
  9. Thou shalt always lose on penalties
  10. Thou shalt not talk about things like politics, religion, philosophy, illness, money or sex.

Terribly English penalty shoot out

Text and illustration © 2012 by Rupert Besley.

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