50 Years of Modesty Blaise

Monday 13th May will mark exactly fifty years since the very first Modesty Blaise cartoon appeared in the Evening Standard. The hugely popular comic strip was serialised around the world, in more than 40 countries, and Modesty’s popularity spawned a series of 13 novels, all of which are published by Souvenir Press.

Modesty is the fore-runner of Charlie’s Angels and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the original hard-hitting heroine who could, you feel, have held her own alongside James Bond. Modesty is as much a cult favourite today as ever she was, and her enduring appeal was highlighted by the 2012 radio adaptation of A Taste for Death which aired on BBC Radio 4.

Discover the full list of Modesty Blaise books, or find out more on the Souvenir Press website:

Modesty Blaise | Sabre-Tooth | I, Lucifer | A Taste for Death | The Impossible Virgin | Pieces of Modesty | The Silver Mistress | Last Day in Limbo | Dragon’s Claw | The Xanadu Talisman | The Night of Morningstar | Dead Man’s Handle | Cobra Trap

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