Very Royal Congratulations

Souvenir Press would like to join the many thousands of people worldwide who have been offering their congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge following the birth of their first child.

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, born on Monday, will be the seventh king to bear that name.

Naming and Blessing by Andrew Tawn is a unique baby name book, containing personalised prayers for over 500 names, which can be used as an introduction to the Christian faith and personalise baptisms, confirmations and weddings, as a child moves through the personal landmarks in their life.

“A collection of prayers which can be used so very easily and readily by a much wider range of people than simply the committed Christian.” – Bishop David Hope, former Archbishop of York

“Our name is one of the first and most precious gifts we receive… The author uses the ancient device of the acrostic to create unique and thoughtful meditations on the names.” – Anthony Russell, former Bishop of Ely

“This is not your typical “baby name” book. It’s a book of five hundred names and each one is illustrated by a prayer of blessing for the person, with the first letters of each line making up the name… A lovely book, well illustrated, to use for personal prayer, for naming and blessing ceremonies and for families to share.” – Amazon review

The below prayer for HRH Prince George of Cambridge is taken from Naming and Blessing by Andrew Tawn, published by Souvenir Press.

God of life, sow your blessings in the
Earth of George’s spirit,
Over time may they send down
Roots deep and sustaining,
Growing an abundant harvest of all things
Excellent, true, pure and gracious.

Congratulations once more to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as to all other parents celebrating a new addition to the family.

Naming And Blessing cover

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