Chocolate Week

We think this might be our new favourite week of the whole year. Because really, it was only as a form of celebration for Chocolate Week that we binged on all those chocolate buttons earlier in the week. And then bought a second bag today. Honestly. No chocoholics here.

But let’s say we were something of a chocoholic. How best to celebrate our new favourite week? Well, shall we start with a bit of Chocolate Therapy?

What sort of chocolates do you like? Dark, milk or white? The round ones, the square ones, spiral or triangle? And what about the centres? Strawberry or orange? Coffee or nutty? How about honeycomb?

Murray Langham reveals the secrets of your personality, based on the types of chocolate you choose:

Circle: The original social butterfly, you love company.
Oval: You love making new friends, and make for a good advisor.
Square: You’re balanced, honest and truthful, and it’s hard for others to push you around.
Rectangle: You’re a rock for others, a very loyal person.
Spiral: Bursting with energy, you love taking on new challenges.
Triangle: You make things happen. You enjoy solving problems and making decisions.

What better way to celebrate Chocolate Week than to treat yourself to a box of chocolates, pick up a copy of Chocolate Therapy, and to pass both round a group of friends? You might just learn something surprising…!

And if that’s not enough reason for you to celebrate Chocolate Week, then how about the health news we’ve all been waiting for?

Chocolate is good for you!

In A Chocolate A Day John Ashton and Suzy Ashton take a light-hearted look at the health benefits of chocolate. No longer should chocolate be a forbidden food: a bar of chocolate contains more antioxidants than six apples, and the University of California recommends it to those prone to heart attacks or strokes.

So while we tuck in to our second bag of chocolate buttons (circle: a social butterfly), we shall feel virtuous for all the health benefits we are reaping, and celebrate the joy that is Chocolate Week. Join us, won’t you. Just… bring your own chocolate.

Chocolate Therapy

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