International Stammering Awareness Day

Tomorrow, 22nd October, is International Stammering Awareness Day. Aimed at raising awareness of stuttering, every year there are a whole host of charity fundraising events listed on the British Stammering Association website for October 22nd.

Taken from the BSA website, here are a list of ideas for International Stammering Awareness Day:

  • Tweet about ISAD, and update your Facebook status on the day.
  • Talk about stammering to someone. Maybe introduce yourself as someone who stammers when making phone calls;
  • Create your own YouTube video of yourself talking about your stammer and upload it onto the BSA Facebook page (;
  • Give a talk on stammering at a public speaking club, rotary club, etc.;
  • Print-off information from our website to show friends, family, colleagues.

This year there is also an online conference happening as a series of Google+ hangouts, which you can follow here, as part of a collaboration between the International Stuttering Association and Stutter Social.

This ISAD, if you are seeking help or advice as someone who stammers, take a look at Beyond Stammering by Dave McGuire, the founder of the McGuire Programme. The British Stammering Association recommends it as “a useful part of a toolkit to manage stammering”. The book will help you to learn techniques to manage your stammer, and give you the confidence to speak out, to break free of the hold that your stammer has over your life.

Beyond Stammering


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