Celebrating the Royal Christening

Ahead of the royal christening today of Prince George of Cambridge, we are sharing a personalised blessing prayer, taken from Reverend Andrew Tawn’s book of name prayers, Naming and Blessing.

This personalised name prayer, like all of the others in the book for more than 500 names, can be used to pray for a child throughout their life, and makes the perfect reading to personalise a christening.

A blessing for Prince George of Cambridge, on the day of his christening:

God of life, sow your blessings in the
Earth of George’s spirit,
Over time may they send down
Roots deep and sustaining,
Growing an abundant harvest of all things
Excellent, true, pure and gracious.

As you turned your Son’s death to new life,
Lord, turn his troubles to blessings,
Endings to beginnings,
eXchange his sorrows for joys.
And as you promised
Never to forsake those who live you,
Defend him against every danger,
Everywhere he goes, go with him,
Remain with him and bless him for ever.

Let God’s blessing be
Over him to guide him,
Under him to carry him,
In him to inspire him,
Surrounding him to shield him.

If you are celebrating the royal christening today, perhaps you will take a moment to share this personalised name prayer, a blessing for the young prince.

For more than 500 other personalised name prayers, Naming and Blessing is available in hardcover with illustrations by Pat Schaverien. It would be the perfect gift for prospective or new parents, to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Naming And Blessing cover


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