Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from all of us at Souvenir Press! Things are getting spooky here in the office – and not just because the office poltergeist is up to his old tricks! Read on for a few recommendations that will make your Halloween spooktacular.

Where the Ghosts Walk is a must-read for any would-be ghost hunter this Halloween. Packed with information including loads of places where ghosts have been seen outside – that is, places anyone can visit at any time – it is sure to have something in your local area. From haunted railways and roads, to abandoned airfields and old gardens, this is the “definitive guide to the haunted places of Britain”. The fiftieth book from the UK’s leading expert on the paranormal, Where the Ghosts Walk is the culmination of a lifetime’s work by Peter Underwood. So grab some friends, plenty of torches, and maybe a few snacks for the road… and get ghost hunting!

Or if you’re easily frightened and would rather spend your Halloween curled up on the sofa than out looking for things that go bump in the dark October night, why not try a sample of Sad Monsters, a collection of short stories by Frank Lesser.

  • Did you hear what happened when Megan Fox met Bigfoot?
  • And what about that guy who went on a date with Medusa?
  • Did you know that Son of Godzilla never calls anymore?
  • Have you ever wondered how to train a werewolf? (Because they really do make great pets – once you get the initial teething problems out of the way)

Frank Lesser uncovers the softer side of some of the world’s most fearsome monsters, making Sad Monsters the perfect Halloween read for the easily scared, or those who are looking for laughs rather than upping the fear factor!

Check out our Halloween newsletter for more spooky delights, and be sure to stock up on sweets for any trick-or-treaters who might be doing the rounds tonight!

Have a spooktastic Halloween!

     Where the Ghosts Walk cover  Sad Monsters

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