Author Corner – Lauren Scheuer’s Chicken Day

Once Upon a FlockLauren Scheuer is the author of ONCE UPON A FLOCK, a beautifully illustrated account of life with her chickens. A must-read for all animal lovers, you can read a free sample here, or read on for Lauren’s illustrated guide to daily life with her flock. You’ll be drawing up plans for your own backyard coop before you know it!

Chickens are the ideal addition to any backyard.

With very little trouble, you can have fresh eggs for the table and fresh compost for the garden.

All it takes is a quick jaunt out back first thing in the morning to unlatch the coop and set your ladies free.

Scheuer blogpost A

After you’ve had breakfast, your hens will appreciate the leftover crumbs.

Scheuer blogpost B

As long as you’re outside, you might as well do a bit of gardening.

Scheuer blogpost C

The daily collecting of eggs is always joyful.

Scheuer blogpost D

Lunchtime already? Might as well savour that sandwich outside among the gals.

Scheuer blogpost E

A quick coop clean-out won’t take long.

Scheuer blogpost F

Afternoon tea tastes best when sipped in the garden.

Scheuer blogpost G

As the sun sinks low, your ladies will file back into their coop.

Scheuer blogpost H

You’ll need to make only one final trip outside to close their door .

…and then one more time, in your pyjamas, to whisper good night to the ladies…

Scheuer blogpost I

And to hear them whisper back.

11 thoughts on “Author Corner – Lauren Scheuer’s Chicken Day

  1. What fantastic illustrations, the colours are wonderful, I especially loved the colourful little brown speckled hen.

  2. Lauren’s book has become one of my favorites. The loving way she tells their story (stories) and the perfect illustrations combine to create a warm and wonderful tale any chickenista will adore!

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