Discover Sallie Tisdale’s Intimate Philosophy of Sex

“I don’t worry much about sex anymore. It just is, there – sometimes forward, sometimes over in a corner. There’s mine, and there’s yours, and I don’t worry too much about yours. Sex is just being human.”

First published in 1994, Sallie Tisdale’s Talk Dirty to Me was one of the landmark feminist books of the 1990’s. Now it has been thoroughly revised and updated to make it the definitive work on contemporary attitudes to sexuality. As provocative as on its first publication, frank and insightful, Talk Dirty to Me asks another generation to consider their attitudes to sex and sexuality.

The recent media attention around Channel 4’s ‘Real Sex’ series, the start of the ‘Masters of Sex’ television series, and the furore surrounding Miley Cyrus’ twerking demonstrates how ambiguous society’s attitude to sexuality is still. Challenging commonly held assumptions about almost everything related to sexuality, in Talk Dirty To Me Sallie Tisdale investigates the role of sex in modern human life.

She guides us through her research of peep shows, sex shops, and even the pornography collection of the British Library, exploring romance and pornography, prostitution and morality, fantasies and orgasm. Sallie Tisdale references the findings of sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, as well as drawing from a host of other sources including James Joyce’s love letters, interviews with prostitutes, American and Japanese pornography, and cultural writing from Roland Barthes and Susie Bright to the work of Freud. 

You can read an exclusive interview with Sallie Tisdale on the Female First website, or find out more about Talk Dirty To Me on the Souvenir Press website.

Talk Dirty To Me is available in paperback and as an e-book, making it available to a new generation of readers. Talk Dirty To Me is published as part of Souvenir Press’ Independent Voices series, which is dedicated to publishing writers who challenge conventional wisdom and offer alternative viewpoints. To view the full range of important, thought-provoking titles in our Independent Voices series, click here.

“Fluidly written, sexy, probing, personally revealing, and wise.” – ‘Kirkus Reviews’

Talk Dirty To Me


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