Naming and Blessing: 2013’s top baby names

When the lists of this year’s most popular baby names were released last week, there was perhaps some surprise that Royal names weren’t at the top of the list. After the birth of Prince George in July, George was only number 13 on the top 100 boy’s names this year. Harry was up at number 4, and William was at number 11. Clearly new mums and dads didn’t want to be seen to be copying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

For boys’ names this year, the most popular choice was Oliver, with this being mirrored in choice of girls’ names, where Olivia was number one on the list.

Naming and Blessing by Reverend Andrew Tawn is a collection of personalised name prayers for more than 500 baby names, perfect for christening readings or for parents wanting to pray for their child at any stage in their life. Below are the name prayers for this year’s most popular baby names, taken from Andrew Tawn’s Naming and Blessing, published by Souvenir Press.

On all that Oliver is and does,
Lord, grant your love and blessing.
In all the challenges he undertakes
Various gifts bestow upon him.
Everyone he loves and all who love him,
Reach out, Lord, to bless them through him.


Over your walking and going out
Let God keep watch and guard you.
In your making and your working
Various gifts of God equip you.
In your coming in and resting
All God’s peace and love be with you.

(Name prayers © Andrew Tawn, Naming and Blessing, published by Souvenir Press)

Naming And Blessing cover


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