It seems Ancient Easter Islanders weren’t lonely after all…

Easter Island: The Mystery Solved

Now, according to The Independent, evidence recently published in the journal Current Biology seems to suggest that South Americans did reach the tiny Pacific Island before the first Europeans – something that celebrated adventurer Thor Heyerdahl had previously determined in his own research.

‘Although current theories assumed that the Polynesians’ ancestors had sailed there from Asia, Heyerdahl found that the trade-wind clouds and ocean current were on the constant move from South America.’

After devoting most of his life to investigating the Island’s mysteries, Heyerdahl visited Easter Island in the mid-1950s to determine whether it had been originally colonized by South Americans, who would have had to cross 2,000 miles of perilous seas.

‘The Polynesians the European discoverers met had come from South East Asia with the Japan current by way of the extreme North Pacific and Northwest America, but before they had reached Polynesia by way of Hawaii the East Pacific had been settled by raft voyagers from South America.’

After sailing over 5000 miles in 101 days, Heyerdahl’s successful Kon-Tiki expedition proved that Polynesia was well within the reach of aboriginal South American rafts.

So it seems Heyerdahl was right then?

Easter Island: The Mystery Solved is Thor Heyerdahl’s unique history of Easter Island, based on his own research and an interpretation of the mystery of the island’s statues that presents an individual view of world history.

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