Prayers For 2014’s Top Baby Names

So England and Wales’ top baby names for 2014 were revealed this week…

For the second year running, ‘Oliver’ has topped the boy’s chart, whilst ‘Emily’ has taken the number one spot from ‘Olivia’ (from

After reporting that ‘Muhammad’ was the number one boy’s name in the country on Monday, confirmed that without its different variations, the name was actually 15th in the table. Sure enough, if the same was done for ‘Oliver’ (Ollie, Oli), or ‘Harry’ (Henry), then they would place above ‘Muhammad’.

As usual, cultural influences are playing a huge part in parents’ choices. ‘Eric’, the name of Simon Cowell’s son, is up by 284 points whilst ‘Elsa’, from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ has entered the top 100 for the first time.

Naming and Blessing: A Book of Name Prayers by Reverend Andrew Tawn is a collection of personalised name prayers for more than 500 baby names, perfect for christening readings or for parents wanting to pray for their child at any stage in their life.

Naming And Blessing cover

In acknowledgement of 2014’s most popular baby names, we’ve posted the top two names in each category below, taken from Andrew Tawn’s Naming and Blessing: A Book of Name Prayers.

Emily (f) comes from the Latin for ‘eager’

Embrace Emily in your love and protection,

Maker, mender and miracle-worker God;

In all her learning, loving, living and giving

Let her be eager to know and do

Your will and your work.

Oliver is from the Scandinavian Olaf meaning ‘ancestor’

On all that Oliver is and does,

Lord, grant your love and blessing.

In all the challenges he undertakes

Various gifts bestow upon him.

Everyone he loves and all who love him,

Reach out, Lord, to bless them through him.

Buy a copy here.

Some reviews for Naming and Blessing: A Book of Name Prayers…

“A collection of prayers which can be used so very easily and readily by a much wider range of people than simply the committed Christian.”
Bishop David Hope, former Archbishop of York

“Throughout life we receive many gifts but our name is one of the first and most precious gifts we receive…The author uses the ancient device of the acrostic to create unique and thoughtful meditations on the names of the children he has baptised.”
Anthony Russell, former Bishop of Ely

“This is a gift with many layers, unpacking the meaning of individual names and weaving into each prayer a gentle yet profound affirmation of the connection of each unique individual to God.”
Angela Ashwin, author of ‘The Book of a Thousand Prayers’

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