*Twit Twoo* Our Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Ideas…

It’s one week to go until the big day, but no fear! SP are here with a list of some of our more romantically-inclined books for you to treat your special loved one with….

*note* These books are guaranteed to make your partner much happier than a Fifty Shades of Grey ticket.

1. Love Letters in the Sand by Khalil Gibran

Love Letters in the Sand, composed of extracts from some of Gibran’s most famous works, including The Prophet, is a collection of beautiful poems by one of the world’s greatest mystics. They evoke that special joy and excitement in the newness of love and the desire it awakens in you.


2. She Comes First by Ian Kerner

Continually recommended by Suzi Godson, sex columnist for The TimesShe Comes First, by Ian Kerner, is a witty, well-researched and revealing guide to bringing a woman to orgasm every time through cunnilingus. Oral sex has long been regarded as foreplay, a mere prelude to intercourse; now, Ian Kerner ushers in a new sexual era where it can be the focus of sexual “coreplay”. Essential to both beginners and experienced lovers.

She Comes First cover

3. Victoria by Knut Hamsun

This beautiful and moving story of young love is a classic of European literature, by Nobel Prize winning author Knut Hamsun.

It follows Johannes, the miller’s son, and Victoria, daughter of the lord of the manor, as they enjoy a brief moment of ecstasy that is as transitory as their dreams. They are forever separated by their class, and circumstances force them into perverse cruelty to each other.

Yet, Victoria cannot live without her Johannes.


4. Talk Dirty To Me by Sallie Tisdale

Published as part of our celebrated Independent Voices collection, Talk Dirty to Me is a frank, funny, and provocative journey through gender and desire. It ranges from romance and pornography, prostitution and morality, to fantasies and orgasm. Sallie Tisdale guides us through her research of peep shows, sex shops, and even the pornography collection of the British Library.

Talk Dirty To Me

5. The Life That I Have by Leo Marks

This poignant, haunting poem, originally written for the author’s fiancée Ruth who died in a plane crash in 1943, was given to the SOE agent Violette Szabo as her code poem, before she was dropped into occupied France in 1944. It afterwards became famous through the film of her life, Carve Her Name With Pride, starring Virginia McKenna, and has been a source of inspiration ever since for loved ones everywhere.


See some of Elena Gaussen Marks’ beautiful illustrations below…


6. Love: The Joy That Wounds by Rumi

The love poems by the great thirteenth-century Persian poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, founder of the Whirling Dervishes of Sufism, are both mystical and a mystery. Are they addressed to his mentor, the wandering Shams of Tabriz (who converted him to a life of joy when he was thirty-eight), or to God, or to a lover?

Reflecting the complexities and paradoxes of love and devotion – separation, cruelty, and break-up – they are poems of great power and emotional intensity, of exuberant passion and overflowing imagination.


Happy Valentine’s! (You can thank us later….)

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