Happy Publication Day! *and exclusive sneak peek…

Happy publication day to Andrew Gardiner for the acclaimed A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid: A Practical Guide for Owners!

A-Z of Cat Health 2015 cover

And to celebrate, we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peak of the most talked about topic in cat medicine right nowHigh Blood Pressure.

“High blood pressure is common in both cats and people.

Most cats with high blood pressure are older individuals, very often suffering from kidney disease or over-active thyroid gland. The raised blood pressure has occurred because of these underlying conditions. A few cats may have high blood pressure on its own, without any underlying condition, but this is rarer in cats compared to people.

High Blood Pressure can damage several vulnerable organs, notably the eyes, kidneys, heart and brain. This damage from raised pressure can then complicate any underlying condition, creating a viscous circle effect. Signs of this sort of damage occurring may include partial or complete blindness, bleeding into the eye, kidney failure, brain damage (showing, for example, as fits), and heart disease.

First aid & nursing

Any cat with vision loss or deterioration needs to be kept in a safe place until he or she can be seen by the vet.

Veterinary treatment

The cat’s blood pressure will be monitored regularly to determine if the high blood pressure is consistent and requiring treatment. Most cats tolerate this painless procedure well once they have become used to it. 

Particular attention is paid to the eye in diagnosing and monitoring high blood pressure.

Various drugs, alone or in combination, are used to treat high blood pressure. Individual cats vary a lot, both in terms of underlying diseases that are present, and also their response to treatments, so it is often a case of fine tuning over weeks and months to attain the best balance of treatment for the individual. Your cat with high blood pressure may not receive the same treatment as your neighbour’s. Ongoing monitoring is vital.”

– snippets from the ‘High Blood Pressure’ section, pp. 38-39

Enjoy that? Good.

With over 200 common conditions explained, A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid is the definitive guide for cat owners concerned about their cat’s health.

Andrew Gardiner is an experienced vet, and the ideal guide to the practical solutions that anyone can carry out at home to help keep their cat fit and well. Cats can seem as varied and complex as people, and modern veterinary medicine has a much improved knowledge of  cats’ bodies, with very specific approaches to their health problems.

“Practical, easy to understand and an ideal guide book.”
‘Your Cat’

“Extensive, practical and easy-to-understand book gives solutions for the commonest cat health problems…An invaluable resource.”
‘Kennel and Cattery Management’

“A very detailed book, one that every cat owner needs to have.”
‘Moggie’s Cat Blog’

Get your copy now!

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