Happy #NationalRunningDay folks!

Did you know that over 2.2 million of us run at least once a week?

People run for many reasons – to keep fit, to have some ‘me time’, to enjoy their natural surroundings….

Me? I just love cake, and figure that if I run, I don’t feel as guilty gorging into that scrummy piece of freshly-baked-melt-in-the-mouth carrot cake on the table.


Well, runners everywhere rejoice! For it is #NationalRunningDay and we have the perfect book for you.

Whether you’re a casual jogger, a beginner looking to train seriously for the first time or an experienced runner hoping to improve your time, there is a better way to train than relentlessly pounding the miles.

Build Your Running Body features over 150 workouts, from weight-training to resistance work and plyometrics that can be tailored to suit runners of any level, training for any distance.

There’s also exercises to prevent injury and the best methods to rehabilitate common problems, nutrition guidance, almost 400 photos to make following the programme as easy as possible, interviews and tips from leading runners and coaches that explain how elite runners train and race strategy for the weeks leading up to a race.

“This is the best running book ever” – Bob Anderson, founder of Runner’s World

So, see you at next year’s London Marathon?

Build Your Running Body cover

Want to know more? You can read an exclusive extract on Outdoor Fitness Magazine’s website!

Get your copy of Build Your Running Body here.


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