It’s National Orgasm Day!

Today (July 31st) is ‘National Orgasm Day’.

Yep, you read that right.

Of course, we get lots of National Days, with everything from ‘National Watermelon Day’ to ‘National Wiggle Your Toes Day’, so a day for celebrating orgasms doesn’t really *come* as a surprise.

So here’s a couple of orgasm-based facts for you…

1. They’re good for you; they act as a natural stress relief, help to improve brain function and help stop pain.

2. Recorded in 1966, the longest official orgasm lasted 45 seconds, and involved 25 individual contractions!

However, if there’s one thing #NationalOrgasmDay does, it highlights the stress put on achieving orgasm during sex, especially when it comes to women.

According to Dr. Ian Kerner, men have always valiantly struggled to elicit the female orgasm, but rarely ask “what do I do?”

She Comes First cover

Dr. Ian Kerner’s She Comes First is an encyclopaedia of female pleasure, with dozens of techniques for satisfying your female partner. Complete with illustrated, step-by-step instructions, this fun, informative guide introduces a new era in sexual relationships, where, importantly, the exchange of pleasure is for mutual fulfilment. 

She Comes First puts to bed (*sorry) that oral sex is an optional aspect of foreplay, when its real role is ‘coreplay’.

“Before you give up on oral sex… if you yourself don’t know what the options are… get yourself a copy of Ian Kerner’s manifesto She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman and make sure your boyfriend reads it too… It is a veritable paean to the art of good oral sex, packed with instructive sentences… I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Suzi Godson, weekly sex and relationships columnist for The Times

And all that leaves me to say is, happy National Orgasm Day!

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