HypnoBirthing “standard antenatal practice within a decade”

This week, The Guardian reported that hypnobirthing will be “standard antenatal practice within a decade”.

An increasingly popular pain-relief method for women during labour, the news comes as more hospitals around the country report a steep rise in the demand for classes.

But what is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme, that teaches simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth. It reduces the need for any medication, and helps women to achieve a calmer, more controlled birth.

Teri Gavin-Jones, a midwife and hypnobirthing trainer told The Guardian, “Hypnobirthing is where water-birthing was 20 years ago. Back then it was considered a bit weird and there was a lot of scepticism from the medical community. But now every trust in the country does water births. Give it 10 years and hypnobirthing will be standard antenatal practice. It’ll be mainstream.”

Marie Mongan is the founder of the HypnoBirthing® The Marie Mongan Method and has helped over 10,000 couples to change their lives through its practice. (Yes, it helps fathers too!)

Souvenir Press publishes Marie’s bestselling book, HypnoBirthing®, which is the first book to fully describe what the method entails. It acts as a practical guide to having a birth that is natural, and entirely suitable for virtually all births (except for those where special circumstances would call for more specialised medical attention).

HypnoBirthing cover

Praise for HypnoBirthing® by Marie Mongan, reprinted 15 times since 2007:

“HypnoBirthing… is sweeping through fashionable society moms in the United States faster than a Californian wildfire… The more I read, the more I began to appreciate her alternative approach to birthing… HypnoBirthing says that instead of thinking about all the stuff that might go wrong, why not see it all going right.” – ‘Daily Mail’

“Simple but specific hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for an easier birth… proves that labour doesn’t have to be accompanied by severe pain, allowing you to overcome anxieties and enjoy the experience of birth.” – ‘Junior Pregnancy & Baby’

“Any normal, low-risk pregnancies can use the exercises outlined in this book – positive thinking, relaxation, visualisation, breathing, nutrition and physical exercises – to follow a happy and comfortable pregnancy leading to a peaceful birth.” – ‘I’m Pregnant’

“The more I found out about hypnobirthing, the more it made sense. If breathing and focusing techniques could help keep me so calm that I could reduce the length of labour and avoid pain relief, I couldn’t see a downside.” – ‘Now Mother & Baby’

“Contains some good ideas, analogies and suggestions that will be of use to women and midwives… A useful tool.” – ‘The Practising Midwife’

“I love HypnoBirthing… It’s full of brilliant breathing tips and relaxation techniques.” – ‘Mother & Baby’

“I read this book and attended a course when I was pregnant, and had the most incredible birth. Imagine getting to 8cm without knowing it and to the amazement of midwives. My birth was comfortable, exhilerating and wonderful. I’d recommend this book to everyone.” – ‘Amazon Customer’

Of course, we also publish one of the original books to cover water birthing, another practice now extremely popular with mothers. Birth Reborn is written by Dr Michel Odent, the world’s leading ‘birth guru’.

Birth Reborn cover

Many of the birthing practices that Dr Michel Odent had advocated are now common usage, including the creation of more homely birthing rooms, birthing pools and water births, labour without drugs and ensuring that the mother plays the key role in the experience of the birth.

In conclusion, the increasing popularity of such programmes proves that women are embracing newer, more natural birthing methods to ensure they have the safest, most comfortable birthing experience.

HypnoBirthing® by Marie Mongan (ISBN: 9780285637710, £14.99, available in paperback and eBook)

Birth Reborn by Dr Michel Odent (ISBN: 9780285631946, £12.99, available in paperback)

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