The Great Maths Con!

To coincide with the publication of the revised and updated edition of the bestselling maths book, THE ELEPHANT IN THE CLASSROOM, Professor Jo Boaler visited the UK last week to speak at two conferences on maths education.

The first, ‘Maths, Mindset and Mastery’ took place on Thursday 17th September in Cheltenham, organised by GLOW Maths Hub, which is part of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics new Maths Hubs initiative. The idea is to bring together all mathematics education professionals in a national network of hubs, each locally led by an outstanding school or college, working in partnership with neighbouring schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, maths experts and employers.

At the conference, Jo spoke about the importance of a Growth Mindset classroom to inspire all maths learners, and how, by making a Growth Mindset classroom the norm in all schools, we can eradicate the fear and lack of understanding of maths, held by a huge number of school children.

GLOW Maths Con ImageGlOW Maths Con Image 2

Photos: Jo Boaler speaking at ‘Maths, Mindset and Mastery’

Then, on Friday 18th September, Jo delivered the keynote speech at The Great Maths Con! A one day national primary mathematics conference, in London. After a quick photo with Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball

Photo: Johnny Ball and Jo Boaler

… Jo discussed ways to bust the myth of the ‘maths brain‘ idea – how some children believe that they simply ‘can’t do maths’ – and set tasks for attendees to show them how they can help all pupils engage confidently in mathematics .

maths con

Photo: Attendees solving maths tasks set by Jo

According to the National Numeracy charity, around 17 million adults in England are at roughly the same level as that expected of children in primary school.

It is precisely problems like this that Jo Boaler attempts to solve in the new edition of THE ELEPHANT IN THE CLASSROOM. Drawing on new scientific research, developed in conjunction with Carol Dweck, it shows how maths mindsets can unleash a pupil’s potential through creative and innovative teaching.

“We need to bring real maths into maths classrooms and children’s lives, instead of the fake version that goes on in many maths classrooms, and we must treat this as a matter of urgency.” – Jo Boaler

Elephant in the Classroom 2015 cover

THE ELEPHANT IN THE CLASSROOM by Jo Boaler is now available to buy in paperback (ISBN: 978-0285643185) and eBook (ISBN: 9780285643192), £12.99.

All photos taken from Twitter, @joboaler, @AbacusandHelix and @GLOWMaths

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