You Can Do Magic!

Published today (Thursday 15th October), D.I.Y Magic offers a set of mind hacks that will help anyone find new sources of inspiration, encompassing self-help, psychology and philosophy. These techniques, from lucid dreaming to Salvador Dali’s spoon trick, have been used by some of the world’s most famous artists, including Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Beethoven, Jack Kerouac and Leonardo da Vinci.

Ever wondered how to make yourself invisible? Or how to make your own tarot deck?

Let D.I.Y Magic show you!

To celebrate the publication of D.I.Y MagicAnthony Alvarado has very kindly written a guest post here on the Souvenir Press blog, as part of our ‘Author Corner‘ series, which you can read below.

DIY Magic draft cover

You Can Do Magic! by Anthony Alvarado

Yes, you can do magic. I don’t care if you don’t even believe in magic. You can still experience magic firsthand if you try the experiments in my book, D.I.Y Magic. You don’t need to believe in cake in order to follow a recipe in a cookbook and bake something. That’s the idea behind D.I.Y Magic—it’s 36 foolproof recipes that, step by step, will expand your mind, hack your reality and juice your creativity. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

The truth is, I was a bit of a skeptic myself to start out; that is actually how I came to write D.I.Y Magic. I was curious if there was anything to all the old stories, myths, and legends about magic and altered states of awareness and consciousness. I decided to try out every spell I could find, one by one, as a skeptic. To my surprise, many of them had powerful results. I’ve written down what worked, how and why, step by step in my book, so that you can experience it for yourself. Using this guidebook, you too can learn how to lucid dream, how to alter your consciousness, stimulate fresh creativity from the everyday and find the magical in the mundane. There is a wealth of variety here; some of the spells are so simple they are almost laughable, while some of them are quite challenging. I expect every reader to get a different experience from the book because this is a book meant to be lived, not just read. Some people will be drawn to the more philosophical experiments, like Memento Mori, or how to get lost. Some will be drawn to the experiments (or spells, if you will) that are designed to stimulate the creativity, like bibliomancy and viewing hypnogogic imagery (what you see while your falling asleep), and still others will be drawn to the more esoteric exercises, such as creating a mental golem and going on a vision quest.

It is much like a guidebook to visiting a strange land on a shoestring budget. You do need some supplies for the spells, but they are easy to find (the experiments require supplies such as ping pong balls, whiskey, playing cards, and crows to name a few).

Perhaps at this point you are wondering: who made this guy Dumbledore? What are this guy’s qualifications to have written a book about magic? The truth is: I have none! No diploma from Hogwarts, no magic hat, or anything like it. I’m just a regular person like you. And that is my point exactly! This stuff is quite easy, it is all about bending and playing with your own perception, your own awareness, and discovering how this shapes your reality. I insist you don’t need a pointy hat, a magic wand, or a broomstick to get amazing and powerful results from trying the spells in D.I.Y Magic. They work for everyone. Yes, even us muggles.

Perhaps that is the big secret: powerful magic can be very hands-on and approachable. It’s just like baking a cake. Well, to be specific, D.I.Y Magic is not just a recipe for one cake, it’s a book of 36 different recipes, and you will have to try them out to discover your favorites, just like any cookbook.

Curious? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get cooking!

Illustration by Ron Rege Jr., from D.I.Y Magic

D.I.Y Magic by Anthony Alvarado is available now in paperback (ISBN: 9780285643208) and in eBook (ISBN: 9780285643215) £10.

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