Let’s Compromise and Say I’m Right by Mel Calman

Mel Calman’s Let’s Compromise and Say I’m Right, a compilation by his daughter, Stephanie Calman, of his best cartoons on love and marriage, is published today.

After our launch party at The Cartoon Museum a couple of weeks ago, Let’s Compromise and Say I’m Right has been featured in the Camden New Journal and The Oldie, in a piece by Mel’s lifelong friend, the novelist and playwright Stanley Price.

“Its title perfectly sums up a major theme of his work – the inability of seemingly adult people to get on with each other, with particular emphasis on their problems with love, sex and marriage.” – Stanley Price, ‘The Oldie’

“Love and marriage don’t always go together, said the late glorious Mel Calman… He was like a psychiatrist who made us laugh.” – ‘Camden New Journal’

Mel Calman was one of the most widely-loved cartoonists of the twentieth-century, famed for his ‘Little Man’ cartoons, who, according to Stanley Price, “perfectly expressed what Mel wanted to say on any occasion. He was Everyman as well as Mel’s alter ego.”

Lets Compromise cover

This new selection chosen by his daughter, the writer and broadcaster Stephanie Calman, captures the triumphs and defeats in the war between the sexes so hilariously and succinctly. It also features a foreword by Calman’s friend and Monty Python star, Michael Palin.

“I’d recommend this volume to anyone in love or thinking of getting married. Or, more particularly, to anyone out of love and wondering where it all went wrong. These wonderful cartoons won’t stem the tears but they might just produce some choking laughter. And that’s a start.” – Michael Palin

Other praise for Let’s Compromise and Say I’m Right:

“An insightful look at the way men and women interact and how communication sometimes gets in the way of understanding… I’ll confess that – just occasionally (obviously) I was shocked into self-recognition.” – Bookbag

“Depicting, with equal degrees of humour and pathos, the nuanced insecurity, self-delusion and malcontent to be found within relationships… This is the appeal of the book, that it takes familiar concerns and irritations, and condenses them into simple pictures which each say so much.” – Never Imitate blog

The perfect book for popping in your pocket, guaranteed to provide a smile.

Lets Compromise invite illustration                cartoon

For a sneak peek of some of Mel’s cartoons, visit our Pinterest page!

Let’s Compromise and Say I’m Right by Mel Calman is available in paperback (ISBN: 9780285643093) £10


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