A Belated Happy #YorkshireDay!

To get even ‘moor’ (!) of all things Yorkshire, here’s a look at the beautifully composed Yorkshire Stridings: a moving record of Ian McMillan and Ian Beesley’s years of walking through the landscape, history, towns and cities of their native Yorkshire.

From the iconic landscape of Ilkley moor and the limestone pavements of Airedale, the gothic coast around Whitby to the factories and mills of the industrial past, and the lost coalfields of South Yorkshire, Ian M and Ian B draw upon the natural poetic quality of their beloved county to create a truly immersive reading experience.

Indeed, the poetry and stunning photography provide a portrait of Yorkshire’s past and present, its history and culture, and landscapes that have remained unchanged for generations. This is a sharply observed, personal, interpretation of ‘God’s Own County’ from two of its most popular artists.

They have chosen their favourite photographs from Yorkshire Stridings and explain what the photos mean to them:

Ian Beesley

“My favourite is on page 43. Saddleworth Moor is less than 30 minutes from the urban sprawls of Manchester or Leeds. There is a great sense of isolation, a beauty in its bleakness, looks like the Arctic ( felt like it, it was close on -9c when I took this photograph). In the bottom left hand corner are the delicate footprints of a White Mountain Hare, reminding us that we often share the landscape with elusive and in this case endangered species.”

Yorkshire Stridings - Saddleworth Moor footprints

Ian McMillan

“My favourite photograph from the book is the one of water on page 88: in this image Ian has captured the idea of water, the essence of water, the heart of water, a shapeshifter, a transforming element, a storyteller and an image-maker.”

Yorkshire Stridings - Yorkshire Elements.jpg

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