Stranger Danger

On the 26th December 1985, Whitley Strieber was at his family cabin in upstate New York. He was woken by a small figure (too small to be a child) and blacked out. When he came around, he was in the woods outside the cabin and felt the presence of another figure.

Hypnosis revealed that Strieber had been abducted by a UFO before and he came to realise that he had been abducted by these alien life forms for most of his life. As he began to record his experiences with visitors from ‘elsewhere’, Strieber began to ask: why are they here? What are the aliens trying to communicate? Are they here to guide and transform mankind?

In Communion: A True Story, Strieber considers his status as an ambassador for alien contact from another world. Does Communion solve the greatest mystery of our time?

“This is the story of one man’s attempt to deal with a shattering assault from the unknown. It is a true story, as true as I know how to describe it.” Whitley Strieber

Whether the reader believes Strieber’s terrifying account or not, Communion will forever alter how they view, and experience, the world.

“I am convinced that he’s telling the truth.” W.S. Burroughs, author of The Naked Lunch 


The internationally renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, is a believer (a bel-Strieber?), and considers the presence of UFO’s a fact. While he isn’t concerned with the matter of their existence, he is deeply troubled by how dangerous extra terrestrials may turn out to be.

In a film recently released online (Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places), Hawking warns of the potential threat in seeking communication with aliens. Indeed, extraterrestrial societies could be eons more advanced than we are. To them, we could just be no “more valuable than we see bacteria”, and treated with disdain at best, violence at worst.

Hawking advises that, considering how entirely clueless we are about the intentions or disposition of aliens, we must all lay low. But Seth Shostak, writing for The Guardian, thinks it is much too late for these cautionary warnings.

He notes that we have been leaking radio transmissions into space for the last 70 years. With our television broadcasts, high-frequency radio tuning, and use of radar, any extraterrestrial society able to pick up on these emissions will almost certainly have the wherewithal to communicate with us – or even destroy us.

“Any society with the capability to threaten Earth is overwhelmingly likely to already have the kit required to pick up the leakage we’ve been wafting skyward for seven decades. The requisite radio technology is far easier than the necessary rocket technology.” Seth Shostak (The Guardian, 27th September)

Not that we’re to worry. So long as NASA is calm, then we should relax and expect to be safe. Shostak, however, errs on the side of caution, and points out that:

“If Hawking is really concerned, perhaps he should make sure his online movie isn’t broadcast.” Shostak

For now, if you’d like to learn more about Strieber’s classic account of his paranormal encounters free from any potential broadcasting issues, look out for the newest edition of Communion here:



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