On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… BOOKS!

Good morning & happy Friday to you all! Now, if you’re like us and were unreasonably shocked to find that, yes, we are now in December (as happens every single year) AND you’re starting to panic about how to start your Christmas shopping – look no further! We’re here to sort it all out for you – because, let’s face it, what better stocking filler is there than a really great book?

We’re here to bring you a wonderful gift idea for each day of this festive month, so you can’t possibly fail to find the perfect book for every lucky person on your Christmas list.

  1. Every single person on the planet knows someone who’s obsessed with dogs. The kind of people who, regardless of the situation or company present, can’t help themselves but squeal “LOOK AT THAT DOG!!” and will continue to stare at said dog until its owner has sensed the potential danger and moved on. For this person, what better stocking filler is there than Cecil Aldin‘s absolutely gorgeous collection of cartoons depicting the day-in-the-life of his loveable scamp! It’s called A Dog Day, and it won’t fail to make the dog lover you know smile.


Get your copy of this gem of a book here: http://amzn.to/2gfWcHS



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