Do Parents Matter?

Robert A LeVine and Hannah Hiles talk about their new book Do Parents Matter?  in this week’s The Green Parent magazine. Distinguished anthropologists, Robert and Hannah have been researching parenting for almost half a century, in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Do Parents Matter? provides a wide range of parenting practices the world over with the intention that parents ‘might have a better chance of evaluating, and perhaps resisting, advice directed to them from the media, the internet, and the “experts”.’ They argue that we have exaggerated the need for total parental involvement and the negative outcomes while underestimating the resilience of children.

New parents and old will be fascinated by the range of parenting practices, from sharing the care in the Indian joint family to the universality of co-sleeping in Japan, a country they note ‘with one of the lowest rates of infant mortality in the world.’ Why not take a well-needed break, free yourself from the stress of expert advice and read this enlightening article.

If that sparks your interest, you can order a copy of the book here:

Do Parents Matter cover

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