Aspertools publication day!

When Dr Harold Reitman’s daughter, Rebecca, was diagnosed with Asperger’s in her twenties she explained it to her father by saying: “Brains are like snowflakes – no two are alike.” Dr Reitman realised, for the first time, why he had been unable to understand the landscape of Rebecca’s mind and feelings while she was growing up and resolved to write Aspertools, the book he wishes had been available to him when Rebecca was a child, to help other parents understand their autistic child.

Aspertools by Dr. Harold Reitman is published today. Aspertools is a moving account of a parent coming to fully understand his child, and beginning to see the world through his child’s eyes and voice for the first time. It provides everything needed to understand a child, partner, pupil, whose brain is “a little different”.

Aspertools offers advice from three perspectives: as well as Dr Reitman’s perspective as a parent and a doctor, there is the insight of a special needs education teacher, Pati Fizzano, as well as inspirational stories from Dr Reitman’s daughter, Rebecca, about her own experiences for understanding and managing life as an Aspie, offering practical tools and strategies from her personal experience.

Dr Harold Reitman is a former professional box, who is now an orthopaedic surgeon. He wrote and produced The Square Root of 2, a film also inspired by his daughter, and he is the founder of the neurodiversity community site,

Find the book here:



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