Modesty Blaise at the Edinburgh Book Festival

On the 16th August Stef Penney will run a reading workshop on Modesty Blaise at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Stef Penney is a screenwriter and novelist. She is the creator of Modesty Blaise adaptations for Radio 4, having adapted Modesty Blaise, The Silver Mistress, and Modesty Blaise- A Taste for Death.  Buy tickets for the workshop here:

Peter O’Donnell created the character of Modesty Blaise for a strip cartoon in 1963. Since then, Modesty Blaise has gone from strength to strength. The series was eventually syndicated in over 42 countries and produced 13 novels (all published by Souvenir Press). Here are some of the great things others have said about the series:

“The continuing renaissance of the immortal heroine: thrilling, humorous and timeless adventures, the Modesty Blaise series are seminal British crime novels… a high-point of popular fiction.” – ‘Crime Time’


“Modesty Blaise was the comic-strip criminal genius, turned occasional secret service operative, who managed to combine timeless beauty and elegance with the ability to break every bone in your body… there’s never been a better time to become acquainted.” – ‘The Crack’


“Before Buffy, before Charlie’s Angels, before Purdy and Emma Peel there was Modesty Blaise. For almost 40 years, Peter O’Donnell’s iconic heroine drop-kicked her way through a swath of villains and into a unique place in popular culture.” – ‘The Observer’

Find Modesty Blaise titles by clicking on the jackets below:

Modesty-Blaise cover big    Dead Man's Handle   Dragons Claw  I Lucifer cover  Last Day in Limbo Night of the Morningstar



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