International Beer Day!

Happy International Beer Day! Did you know Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids while consuming a healthy amount of beer or that beer contains a high level of silicon which increases the calcium deposits and minerals for healthy bone tissue? Beer is good for you. What better reason to go out and grab a beer on this great day?

Another way to celebrate is with Down Beer Street by Mika Rissanen & Juha Tahvanainen, a history of the world seen through a pint glass. Discover the decisive role beer has had in the course of history, how it is central to many European cultures and customs, inspired art and, even, brought armies together in a ceasefire in the midst of world war. The history of beer stretches back as far as humans have engaged in agriculture, it has been a basic food as long as bread.

Beer is thought to even predate bread as a basic foodstuff, and the history of beer stretches from mankind discovering agriculture all the way up to craft beers. Archaeologists have found Stone Age vessels that were used for fermenting beer from grain, and it is found in cultures as diverse as Mesopotamia, Egypt under the pharaohs and Greece. Down Beer Street outlines the entire history of beer in 24 chapters.

Christianity (especially the role of Irish monks) made beer respectable and commercial brewing began in monasteries in the Middle Ages. Down Beer Street explores beer’s influence in 24 key historical moments, from Martin Luther’s Reformation (and his favourite beer) and Peter the Great’s modernisation of Russia to the rise of the Nazis and Heineken’s role in football history.

Includes potted histories of some of the world’s most famous beers, from Guinness to Carlsberg, Whitbread Bitter, Spitfire Kentish Ale, to Peroni Nastro Azzurro and, even, Ur-Bock Dunkel (once Martin Luther’s favourite beer).

A celebration of the quirky, and influential, Down Beer Street will appeal to anyone who has watched ‘QI’; in a series of short, entertaining chapters the authors provide a pint-sized history of the world.

Find Down Beer Street here: 

Down Beer Street front cover


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