Weed by David Schmader

Today is the publication date of an exciting new book Weed by David Schmader. The debate around weed legalisation has been particularly lively in the past year. From the Liberal Democrats’ general election-proposal to legalise weed from calls from Russell Brand at the Labour Party Conference to an important event run by the Adam Smith Institute at the Conservative Party Conference this week, it seems that everyone is finally taking the issue seriously.

The vast majority of marijuana users are high-functioning, life-loving, adults—from lawyers to authors, even parents— Weed is a tour guide to the current state of recreational marijuana, from types of ingestion to the available varieties (and their differing potencies).

This definitive, hands-on, guide will educate and entertain the novice and experienced user alike. Complete with history, ways to enjoy, recipes, safety and legality tips, and medical-use information, this witty guide is perfect for the new world of decriminalised recreational marijuana.
Written to answer all the basic questions that many are too frightened to ask, full of facts and practical information and wittily entertaining.

“A witty guide full of history, recipes, safety and legality tips, and medical information.”
—Publishers Weekly

“[Weed] is smoothly written and completely thought out, covering the basics of usage (smoking, vaping, consuming edibles, and applying the substance topically) as well as ‘marijuana etiquette’ (don’t bogart, man!). There are recipes for classic pot brownies and cannabis-infused oil, and humor reigns the day (the advice for scoring includes offering homemade banana bread to the neighbors if you’ve ever smelled pot smoke wafting from their door). It’s irreverent, to be sure, but serious advice includes what do to if you’re high, and don’t want to be, as well as a chapter on safety and legality.”

Weed: The User’s Guide is an encyclopedia of marijuana history, use, and culture for those questions you’re afraid to ask at your friendly neighborhood pot shop…The book is hilarious and entertaining and thoroughly Schmader-y.”
Seattle Weekly

Find Weed by David Schmader here: http://bit.ly/2wDXSCA




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