Birding Without Borders

We are very excited for the publication of our second book with Noah Strycker, Birding Without Borders. Birding Without Borders follows an exciting year for Noah, as he set himself the goal of seeing half the world’s birds in one year. He managed to spot 6,042 remarkable species and we would like to show you some of those which we found the most interesting with Noah’s insightful commentary.


The Sword-Billed Hummingbird

‘The Sword-bill has such a long bill – adapted for probing certain tubular, hanging flowers – that it must preen itself with its feet and usually holds its head upright to rest, like someone who is balancing a javelin on the tip of their nose. No other bird has a bill exceeding its own body length.’


Golden-Masked Owl

‘One of the planet’s least-known bird species – it had not been seen alive in about thirty years. The owl looks similar to a Barn Owl – flattened face, pale plumage, no “ear” tufts – with black speckles covering its golden yellow body. Nobody knows where it nests, what it eats, what it sounds like, its population status, or even what habitat it prefers.’


Crowned Woodnymph

‘We sat for a minute while nothing stirred. Then, like a tiny mirage, a Crowned Woodnymph appeared over one of the pools, hovering inches above the water. It was violet-blue and green, iridescent on its entire three inch body.’


Birding Without Borders by Noah Strycker can be ordered here:


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