Autism Awareness Week 2018

For Autism Awareness Week we have two titles which are perfect guides to Autism, Uniquely Human by Dr Barry Prizant and Aspertools by Dr Harold Reitman.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is now among the most commonly diagnosed developmental disabilities, affecting 1% of the population. Uniquely Human is based on 40 years of practical experience with schools, hospitals, families and academic study.

Dr Prizant’s revolutionary approach is to understand autism as a different way of being human. By understanding autistic behaviours as responses based on that individual’s experiences he seeks to enhance the child’s abilities, teach skills and build coping strategies for a better quality of life.

With a wealth of inspiring stories and practical advice Uniquely Human conveys a deep respect for the qualities in people with autism that make them special. Offering a compassionate and insightful perspective, this groundbreaking perspective that could be life-changing and uplifting.

Find Uniquely Human here:

Uniquely Human cover

Aspertools offers advice from three perspectives, with that of a special needs education teacher, Pati Fizzano, as well as inspirational stories from Dr Reitman’s daughter, Rebecca, about her own experience, for understanding and managing life with an Aspie. It includes tips to make daily life less frustrating and more productive, focusing on the importance of positive routines, coping with social awkwardness and creating stability in daily activities.

Including tips on how to cope with social anxiety through preparation, encouragement and lists; how to effect positive changes in behaviour by utilising rules, rewards and consequences; how to decrease the frequency of meltdowns by providing an escape route to ‘a safe place’. This comprehensive and accessible work will open up the opportunity of a fulfilling life for everyone with a different brain – no matter the label.

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My First Guitar

We’re very excited to publish My First Guitar by Julia Crowe today. In My First Guitar the world’s greatest guitarists reveal the stories behind the first six-string that fed their lifelong passion.

“Just how does anyone become so passionate about the guitar that they cannot imagine a life without it? Where does it all begin? I wanted to know how guitarists came into owning their first guitar and what made them realise they had found their life’s work.”

Julia Crowe is a musician who has released several albums of solo instrumental works for the guitar and the founder of TheGuitar webzine, she has interviewed a Who’s Who of the world’s greatest guitarists, in all genres and playing styles, among them:

Jimmy Page                 Lee Ranaldo                Tom Morello

Richard Thompson      Roger McGuinn        Ralph Towner           Pat Metheny

Peter Frampton           Albert Lee  Joe Satriani   Carlos Santana

Benjamin Verdery          Scotty Moore          Joshco Stephan           Tracii Guns

“Collecting these tales has been admittedly addictive because each story is as unique, compelling and illuminating as the performer… My intent was simple – to ask the artists to speak for themselves.”

Crossing a vast array of genres, showing the common experience of all guitarists, Julia Crowe offers intimate and deeply human insights into a musician’s beginnings as her interviewees recall their first instrument and share their memories of the   inspiration, challenges, and successes of those early days.

Jimmy Page remembers “a Spanish guitar but it was steel-strung. A round-hole guitar… It was there and it was out of tune.” Jimmie Vaughan’s first was “an old Kraftsman flat top guitar with four strings on it – the E and the B strings were broken” and he gave his younger brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, a Telecaster. Tom Morello bought a Kay guitar for $50 when he was 13, “the cheapest guitar with the most knobs”: “That Kay guitar is sitting in the closet now at my mom’s, surrounded by some of my platinum records.”

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