This Week in Review(s)

This week has seen a flurry of reviews come in for a selection of Souvenir titles. Below you will find extracts of four great reviews, and the links to the full versions, for four very different titles – as if you needed reminding of the fantastic eclectic mix of titles available from us at Souvenir Press.

Better than Great – Arthur Plotnik

“Better Than Great is a bravura, ingeniously inventive, roaringly intelligent thesaurus of praise and acclaim… Where has this paean-worthy, distressingly excellent book, which certainly goes the whole hog, been all my life?” – YA Yeah Yeah blog

Bum Fodder – Richard Smyth

“Written with a real sense of fun, this is a book to delight anyone with a sense of humour, an inquiring mind and a reasonably strong stomach…  it has certainly been a smash hit in our house, where it has been perused by readers aged  from  49 to 14.” – The Garden Window blog

Through A Dog’s Eyes – Jennifer Arnold

Five out of five stars. “This is an enlightening read, and after finishing this book, I felt I looked at my dog in a new way and I have definitely learned a lot about dog behaviour… This book is a fascinating, informative and worthwhile read for any dog owner.” – The Little Reader Library (on GoodReads, soon to appear on her blog)

Why Does My Rabbit – Anne McBride

“I would recommend every rabbit owner have a read of this book!” – The Rabbit House

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

This Sunday, 27th January, is Holocaust Memorial Day 2013. Souvenir Press has two eye-opening books on the tragedies and atrocities faced by Jews all over Europe during the 1940s.

Ashes in the Wind by Dr Jacob Presser is a first-hand account of the tragedy of 1940-45. Beginning in 1940, 110,000 Jews were deported from the Netherlands to concentration camps. Of those, fewer than 6,000 returned. Ashes in the Wind is a monumental history of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, and a detailed and moving description of how the Nazi party first discriminated against Jews, before segregating them and finally deporting them to the gas chambers (a process fully outlined in the mass of administrative documents discovered by Dr Presser). At a time when there are increasingly fewer survivors of the Holocaust the eye-witness accounts and contemporary descriptions in Ashes in the Wind powerfully outline, for future generations, the process of dehumanisation, and the silent conformity by Dutch civilians, that allowed the Holocaust to happen.

Address Unknown by Kressmann Taylor is a rediscovered classic, originally published in 1938 – and now an international bestseller. Described by the New York Times Book Review as “the most effective indictment of Nazism to appear in fiction”, Address Unknown is written on the eve of the Holocaust as a series of letters between an American Jew and his German friend. It is a haunting tale of immense and enduring impact, exposing the poison of Nazism. This memorable story survives in an age of racial, ethnic and nationalistic intolerance as a searing reminder that history can repeat itself.

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A right royal pregnancy

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of months, let me break it to you: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

With the baby expected in July, she has been in and out of hospital for hyperemesis gravidarum, and has reportedly taken to hypnotherapy to combat her feelings of nausea, as well as taking up pilates to improve her fitness for pregnancy.

Now, you may not be suffering as much as the poor Duchess of Cambridge, but there’s no avoiding the fact that pregnancy is tough on women’s bodies… and that’s before the birth! Luckily, help is at hand, and here at Souvenir Press we’ve got a couple of recommendations for any mums-to-be out there.

If you think hypnotherapy might be your thing, then you should read HYPNOBIRTHING by Marie Mongan. The most remarkable natural childbirth technique to have been developed in decades, Marie Mongan takes the pregnant woman through the techniques and philosophy of a new form of gentle, natural birthing. Drawing on self-hypnosis, guided imagery and special breathing techniques the Hypnobirthing method can bring about a shorter, easier birth.

And if you’re not far enough along just yet to be thinking about the birth (though in all likelihood you’ll have been thinking about it from day 1!), then perhaps you’re thinking about how best to get in shape for the birth. And no, I don’t mean a size eight!

THE FITMAMA METHOD by Marie Behenna makes Marie’s acclaimed FitMama exercise programme available to all mums-to-be. Giving birth is the single most challenging physical activity the majority of women will face in their lifetime,  so why not prepare for it by training and exercising, by toning and strengthening your body so that you can approach labour and delivery with confidence. It encompasses not only exercise but also advice on diet, nutrition, posture, recovery and general wellbeing. All in all, this is your complete guide to confidence and fitness for pregnancy, labour and birth.

You should also check out the baby and childcare section on our website.


Blue Monday

According to the experts, today is the most depressing day of the year. The third Monday of the New Year, when the festivities of Christmas seem like months ago, when it’s freezing cold and spring seems nothing more than a distant glimmer on the horizon.

For the majority of us, though, this feeling will pass. It will probably last no more than an hour or two, by which point most of us will tell ourselves not to be so silly. We will get up and carry on with our day, perhaps a little gloomy, but nothing more than the usual Monday blues.

For some, this is not the case. Depression affects, on average, one in ten of us in the UK. Clinical depression affects 1 in 20.

If depression is something that affects you, or a loved one, then we recommend UNDOING DEPRESSION by Richard O’Connor. UNDOING DEPRESSION demonstrates how to replace depressive patterns of thinking, it offers the possibility of replacing these habits with new, more effective skills. It is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and the full Depression Alliance review of the book can be found here:

“I found the book informative, helpful without being condescending, and well worth the read. But the most important measure of this book will be whether the reader finds it helpful in recovery; I am confident that many will.” — Depression Alliance

Available in paperback and in e-book format, including Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and more.

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Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King Jr.

Today would have been the 84th birthday of Martin Luther King Jr, leader of the Black Civil Rights movement in America.  One of the greatest orators in American history, remembered for his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was assassinated on April 4th 1968.

His book STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM is published as part of the Independent Voices series by Souvenir Press, dedicated to publishing writers who provide alternative viewpoints and challenge conventional wisdom.

Martin Luther King, Jr. described STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM as “the chronicle of 50,000 Negroes who took to heart the principles of non-violence, who learned to fight for their rights with the weapon of love, and who, in the process, acquired a new estimate of their own human worth.”

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Rallied by the young preacher and activist Martin Luther King, Jr., the black community of Montgomery organised a historic boycott of the bus service, rising up together to protest racial segregation. This was the first large-scale, non-violent resistance of its kind in America and marked the beginning of a national Civil Rights movement based on Martin Luther King, Jr’s principles.

STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM is the account of that pivotal turning point in American history told through Martin Luther King’s own experiences and stories, chronicling his community’s refusal to accept the injustices of racial discrimination.

Stride Toward Freedom