Krav Maga

Yesterday, the Mail on Sunday ran a large piece about how British MPs are being offered the chance to learn the technique of Krav Maga (Hebrew for “contact combat”) to protect themselves against threat.

In the wake of the devastatingly tragic death of Jo Cox in June, MPs are turning to Krav Maga to enable their capacity for self-defence. Combining aspects of jui-jitsu, boxing, judo and street fighting, Krav Maga can be used against an armed attacker.

It just so happens that David Kahn’s Krav Maga Defence will be published by Souvenir Press 13th October! David Kahn is one of the world’s top practitioners of Krav Maga and has trained many of the world’s top military and police units, from the Royal Marines to the FBI. In Krav Maga Defence David Kahn introduces the Israeli military’s renowned method of unarmed combat, which is now one of the world’s most popular martial arts (as well as a fitness programme).

Krav Maga Defence includes a step-by-step outline of how to defend yourself against the 12 most common street attacks.

This fully illustrated guide teaches simple defences against the most common street attacks that may be encountered: from protection against ambush attacks, mugging, attacks from behind. David Kahn teaches street combat techniques that provide instinctive and efficient protection in everyday situations.

You can even discover how to defend yourself if you are attacked while texting and vulnerable because your head is down and your hands are occupied. It turns out that a phone can actually be a highly effective weapon!

David Kahn is the Israeli Krav Maga Association’s Chief Instructor in the USA. He has taught many US military and law enforcement agencies, and also produced the award-winning Mastering Krav Maga VD series.

Should you like to read more:

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